Indiana State Fair DNR Fishing Pond 10th Anniversary

"Zombie Chase" Kevin MacLeod ( 
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Shadowlark - Director - A collaboration between English students, video and audio production students, theatre students, and composing students, this film was produced over one semester. 

Game - Writer/Director - This was a short project for an advanced video class that I wrote and directed in a couple of weeks. I also edited and, due to a severe shortage of actors that semester, starred. 

Nemesis - Everything - This was a sort of personal challenge. I produced it for an advanced video class project, shot over a couple of weekends. The challenge was seeing if I could pull off a short like this entirely on my own. I did everything on this one by myself, setting up lights, camera, playing all of the parts, and doing post production. It was a fun experiment, but I can definitely see why films are usually a collaborative effort.

In the Elephant's Eye Promo - Producer/Editor - While the name of the documentary changed during final editing, this was one of several promotional videos I produced during the course of the project. The documentary itself is undergoing some final audio polishing, and then it should be up here as well.

Set in Stone - Gaffer - Produced as part of Film Indiana, an effort to promote Indiana as a place to make movies. This was shot in February in Gary, IN, which was quite cold.

Muzzle Flash - A brief explanation of some of the science, history, and technology behind muzzle flashes in movies.